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All right, so what gives?! Where’s the action? If you want to make sure you are staying connected with upcoming shows, be sure to follow the bandsintown calendar, the facebook page, etc.!

The next show is at the Airport Tavern Friday March 22, 2019 opening for Hail the Pilot and Lust Punch.

Otherwise, our show calendar will remain sparse whilst we focus on finishing up the second EP, called “Afterimage.” In the meantime, we’re playing all of the songs to this upcoming EP at our shows throughout 2019, so come check it out!

  1. Moonlight
  2. So Excited
  3. Power of 3
  4. Beautiful Mess
  5. It’s About Time

Happy New Year!

“well-crafted tunes live in their own world”

“sneaky good guitar work going on”

Source: http://www.northwestmusicscene.net/100-bands-in-100-days-presented-by-verity-credit-union-day-98-tom-esch/

I’m stoked to have been selected as part of Northwest Music Scene’s 100 Bands in 100 Days! Please check out their review (and the 99 others for those of you hunting for new music!)

Happy New Year–one of the few collective experiences we all transit–I hope to do what I did last year: release some music and play music live. See you around!


Beachsloth Review!

Heartache and pain pours out of the bluesy indie rock style of Tom Esch’s “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True”. Done with the utmost of care, Tom Esch’s vocals sit front and center of the whole journey. Proving to be a deft storyteller, the way the piece evolves recalls the intensity of Elliott Smith’s thoughtful output. By choosing such an approach Tom Esch plays to their strengths, showing off an uncanny knack for arrangements and songwriting. Akin to a backup vocalist is the wild, unhinged guitar riffs. At times the whole thing feels reminiscent of Weezer’s Blue Album period, for it is catchy and downright thoughtful.

Things start with such energy. Drums have a loose style to them, full of emotion. Lyrics tie the whole of the piece together while the song embarks on a mystical journey. Multifaceted the way the piece contains multitudes feels particularly deft, from effortless transition to effortless transition. Guitar work has a loose, carefree demeanor which nicely punctuates a little of Tom Esch’s lyricism, sort of offering a counterpoint at times. For while the song regrets some of the loss that comes with relationships. When a relationship breaks down it becomes an unbearable thing, one that feels so hurtful. Tom Esch’s voice rises above the rest of the arrangement, as he tries to look for a little bit of salvation after the end of a relationship.

With “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True” Tom Esch sings with a tremendous passion.

Skope Magazine Review!

Skope Magazine (single review)


By Hedi Evans

URL: https://skopemag.com/2018/05/11/tom-esch-i-just-cant-believe-its-true

The magnificent indie artist, Tom Esch, has just released his latest single, “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True”, from his debut, “Modern Devices EP”. This song is a token of appreciation to the classic rock from the artist that he has wrapped with a vibrant alternative fringe. In this song, Tom Esch pours all the powers of his top-notch vocal and tremendous energy that put him as a lighting spot on the map of the world music.

There is a bold influence of 90s’ rock, works behind the musical accomplishments of the artist; “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True” is no exception to that. This is a heavy rock song, bursting with electrifying guitar riffs, rich drumming, dazzling with a powerful vocal, that take the audience back immediately to the big time but make us feel about the original and unique creativity of the artist.

Tom Esch is from Seattle, so it is obvious that he is stuck within the influences of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, etc. But in “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True”, the artist has created such a beautiful sound that goes beyond any influence, especially the Seattle front. The song is fueled by the passionate zeal and energy of the artist’s creative mind and soul. Although the soundtrack is a part of the album, ”Modern Devices”, but it has the potential to stand alone. From the captivating melody and Tom’s exuberant and playful guitar riff, it seems like the rawness of rich and heavy alternative gets mixed with the pop tenderness in the song.

Audio stream link – https://tomesch.bandcamp.com/track/i-just-cant-believe-its-true

With the enchanting melody, energized music, and the outstanding vocal of Tom Esch, the moment “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True” opens it sweeps the audience off their feet. Both Tom’s voice and his guitar riffs hook the audience from the very beginning, leaving their mind and soul for craving more and more.

In terms of crafting the instrumental portion of this single, Tom has come with a perfect recipe for blending acoustic with a pinch of electric. He has stirred the instrumental part of the song quite well so that it can charge both the mind and feet of the listener with its beat and rhythm. And as the musician has become successful in mixing the acoustic and electric in “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True”, it echoes the sound something allying between them.

The guitar, drums, bass, mellow yet energetic vocal—- altogether they create such a tone that is repetitive yet attractive and a mood that grows gradually over the listener. To sum up, the song has every element that altogether creates a joyous tone, reflecting through splendid sound.

Besides producing a balanced sound of low, middle, and high frequencies, Tom Esch has put a nice and rich into the single. The lyrical presentation suits perfect to the sound and musical presentation of the song, as the words evokes kind of constantly moving forward and backward emotions. Tom Esch has created such a beautiful single, “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True”, that the artist’s unique creative perspective, evoking a simple yet distinctive charm.

Sleeping Bag Studios Review!

Sleeping Bag Studios (single review)



URL: http://sleepingbagstudios.ca/tom-esch-i-just-cant-believe-its-true/

Dudes.  Tom’s been freakin’ hiding in the corners and shadows of music for damn near twenty-five years or more, playing in different bands & projects.  If you end up as stoked on this gritty indie/alternative cut as I am, you’ll likely be just as thankful that this guy decided to jump into the spotlight and put his own music out there into the world, unfiltered.  Tom Esch has real badass energy on “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True” – and he’s got all the hallmarks of that classic Seattle alt/pop artist that knows exactly how to infuse the intense crunch of his music with melody that sincerely hits the mark & sounds genuinely real.

Like a fusion of Ben Folds inclinations in the songwriting & the lighter-side of something more rock like Foo Fighters in the music & vocals, you can hear the 90’s influence on Tom’s music without question.  That’s certainly on my own timeline, and the identifiable mix of bliss-meets-angst that made the push/pull of the savagely emotional, honest, & thrashing sounds of that whole era come roaring back to life on this cut from The Modern Devices EP.  Does it make me want to listen to more from Tom Esch? Hells YES it does – this single plays like the encore or finale of a kickass live show…I really dig what I’m hearing from this guy on “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True.”

Well crafted & played throughout, Tom wisely starts this single out with the hooks on full display, bringing out the chorus to start at the very first millisecond you hear.  Using the classic elements in the writing that made the 90’s so memorable like the loud/quiet effect in the shift between the verse & chorus of this tune, the tangible emotion in the vocals & clever lyricism, the passionate music that always sounds like it could go overboard at any moment but always somehow keeps the energy in-check.  And I’ll be damned if there isn’t a guitar solo on “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True” that wouldn’t make J Mascis proud with its Dinosaur Jr.-esque tones soaring into the mix. You get that hint of Grohl in Tom’s vocals, especially when he lets a bit of the extra rasp ring through his delivery in the chorus, but also when he’s at his most delicate in the melody that resides in the verses of this song.  Just alt/indie enough to be close enough to something like Band Of Horses as well…I mean, I feel like I could probably talk music with Tom Esch all day long and never get bored; I hear so much of what made the 90’s unforgettable in his style & approach, I’m sure we dig a ton of the same bands and influences on his sound. Shout-out to Bill Majetic as well…can’t forget this guy back there on the throne pounding it out on the drums.  He’s dialed right in to this cut and knows exactly when to add the punch or head towards the background when the melody needs time to shine up-front. The tone on the vocals is gripping in my opinion…I think Tom does a completely solid job of keeping it real, gritty, and unpolished to perfection…he’s more than capable as a singer and he comes through the mix sounding outstanding – rounding out any more corners on what naturally occurs as he sings would have been a mistake and one he’s done really well to avoid.  At its core – “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True” IS a damn rock song of some sorts…whether you want to call it indie, grunge-pop-alterna-whatever, it doesn’t matter – the point is that those vocals SHOULD have some edge to match the chip on the shoulder of the attitude in the lyrics and the snarling bite of distortion-fueled riffs of the guitars in the music – and this song has ALL that!

Ahhh Seattle…my home away from home.  How I continually love the music your inspiring city has managed to house, create, and encourage throughout the years.  You can definitely add Tom Esch to that list – “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True” was massively satisfying to listen to, relevant for today’s music and still boldly able to translate a powerfully nostalgic 90’s vibe strongly through the songwriting & sound.  Enthusiastic thumbs-up to this cut from beginning to end and no complaints from me. Though it might have taken many years for Tom to jump into music’s main spotlight – a single & sound as right & tight as you’ll find on “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True” is complete confirmation that he belongs there.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sleepingbagrec/status/993146436874326017

Nataliez World Review!

Nataliez World


Natalie Perez

Upon listening to alternative, indie, rocker Tom Esch’s works, his influences and a lot of his overall sound, comes out 90’s as he says. Due to the fact that a lot of the artists had struck the big time, such as The Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Elliott Smith and Fiona Apple to name some that Tom Esch says his music sounds like, and it just so happens that he is not only a musician, but a DIY one at that, along with being based in Seattle.

One of the many spots, where acts of the grunge, rock, indie alternative scene came to be known, like Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and Alice In Chains. While The Smashing Pumpkins and Nirvana, were from elsewhere. Tom Esch’s sound of style, is more in the range of the Seattle front. Not sounding precisely like Soundgarden or even Pearl Jam status, but more on the level of Elliott Smith mixed with Fiona Apple.

When listening in to his track “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True”, off his most recent release “The Modern Devices”, EP, the release as a whole, is a tossup between the acts mentioned prior, down to Tom Esch being an act that stands alone. His instrumental works, being acoustic blended with electric. At times the tracks off the EP, being heard to depict of which is which. But in the case of that track “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True”, it sounds right in the middle of being acoustic and electric. A combination that works in his favor, and overall for him as a musician.

The track plays off pretty much, as being upbeat and rather catching to the ears. Like when listening, you may find yourself tapping your feet to the beat, whilst even singing along to the lyrics, as they slowly grow on you. As for the instrumental portion of the entirety of the track, the guitars, bass, and drum works, create this tone that becomes a bit repetitive yet spunky. Whereas the vocalization side of the track, is mellow yet vibrant in tone. In other words, everything just comes together to sound just right, that it will be a track of sorts, that will be joyful yet wholesome and true, as the song title and its contents foretells.

Speaking of which, the lyrical context of the track, are just that, dealing with not being able to believe in the truth. You find yourself wanting to believe, but you cannot bring yourself to knowing if it is true or false, but in reality of it all, it is likely true. It is a back and forth type of energy of emotion, with the words that express what’s within.

Tom Esch as an artist though, is one who has got originality and a lot of uniqueness to his works. “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True”, off his EP “The Modern Devices”, is another one of those types of hit or miss opportunities, that just needs to be taken in, for what it is worth. After the first listen, he may just be an act you will follow from point A to B each time something new is about.

The Ratings Game Review!

The Ratings Game (single review)


By The Widows Peak Bandit

URL: https://ratingsgamemusic.com/2018/05/07/tom-esch-i-just-cant-believe-its-true-review-stream/

Tom Esch’s “I Can’t Believe It’s True” off of his “The Modern Devices EP” is an electrifying tune that gives you nothing but nostalgic feels throughout.

“I Just Can’t Believe It” is dynamic, well written and lyrically candid. I love how Tom is able to blend this absolutely memorable hook with this brash instrumental, creating this marriage between the two that glows brighter than any star you’ve ever seen in your life. It’s musical mastery that has been 25 years in the making for Tom, and that’s simply based off of the passion I hear in every word, vocal and instrument note delivered on this track.

Make sure you check out “I Just Can’t Believe It” HERE!


Music Industry News Network Review!

Music Industry News Network (single review)


By Jimmy Rae

URL: http://mi2n.com/press.php3?press_nb=203285

This DIY/Indie artist looks to make true believers out of listeners with his new single titled “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True”. This song is from Tom’s debut EP, Modern Devices, that was just recently released March, 2018. You’re probably asking yourself though: ‘Does this track live up to the hype and will I be convinced?’ and I can safely tell you that Tom Esch is not foolin’ around and came to play here!

Esch is based in Seattle and so it comes as no surprise to me that Nirvana is a huge influence on Tom. This musician certainly incorporates that Grunge-era tone on “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True” but I’d say more of a garage-rock appeal on this number due to the pure rawness of the recording. I even picked up on a bit of a Dave Grohl vocal similarity and overall Foo Fighters vibe that made the track rock even more. There’s a heavy Alternative presence with Pop tendencies thanks to Tom’s guitar chords and catchy melodies. Tom’s voice and playing hooks you right in from the start as I am left craving more. Honestly, I’m bummed that I couldn’t hear the entire EP, Modern Devices, because I do believe the hype but need more to be fully convinced and a true believer.

I can say that Tom Esch is onto something here because “I Just Can’t Believe It’s True” has a distinctive quality and simple charm to the song that would attract listeners of all ages. I feel Tom’s music can relate to many and identify with people from all walks of life with its classic & hip feel, so I can’t wait to see where Tom Esch heads next! In the words of WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle: “Oh it’s TRUE, it’s DAMN TRUE!”

Dancing About Architecture Review!

Dancing About Architecture (single review)


By Dave Franklin

URL: https://dancingaboutarchitecture.info/2018/05/07/i-just-cant-believe-its-true-tom-esch-reviewed-by-dave-franklin/

Having stumbled upon a few reviews of Tom Esch’s latest release recently, I had in my mind that he would be peddling a big, grunge driven, raw edged sound, veering either to the side of the big and bombastic rock sonics of the 90’s Seattle sound or to the scuzzy, musically belligerent, garage punkery that walked with it. But a common home town and a list of 90’s alt-influences does not define this artist, so why does it form the core of the reviews. Laziness I guess.

I’m not saying that there isn’t a retro, college rock vibe running through the song, what would later be called  alt-rock though like the term indie before it came to represent anything but an alternative to the mainstream and it is this more modern balance of outsiderism and accessibility that defines Esch’s music. Too clean limbed and contemporary to fit in to those rose-tinted revivalisms, and all the better for it, why look back when you can move forward? Rather than referencing 90’s alternative it is instead, the logical extension of it, cleaned up, smoothed out and perfect for the modern discerning rock music buyer.

I wondered if I were missing the point and checked out the e.p. Modern Devices which this track calls home and found it to be a rather varied and excellent gathering of contemporary rock. But this is anything but a backward glance, this is a forward step and a confident one at that.

Stereo Stickman Review!

Stereo Stickman (single review)


By Rebecca Cullen

URL: https://stereostickman.com/reviews/tom-esch-i-just-cant-believe-its-true/

Tom Esch brings together the energy and guitar work of indie-rock anthems, and the emotionally heart-felt expression of a solo singer-songwriter, with his latest single, a track from The Modern Devices EP – I Just Can’t Believe It’s True.

From the moment it begins, to the chaotic and vibrant finish, the song imprints that hook melody and parallel guitar riff in your mind with ease. There are equal parts grit and softness here, taking the raw energy and performance aspects of rock music and yet contrasting that with something much more accessibly pop than anything overly alternative. It helps the track reach out to a much wider audience, and as commonly suggested, the sound does float confidently somewhere between the likes of Smashing Pumpkins and Elliot Smith. There’s a tenderness to the writing, an honesty, but its kept intentionally vague so as to become relevant to any number of listeners.

The length of that title and the unforgettable nature of the melody that delivers it play huge roles in making certain you remember and recognise this song at any future encounters. Tom Esch has a certain way with musicianship and creativity that lets his ideas and his passion pour through in a way that feels very genuine. On top of this, he knows how to write a hook, how to get you thinking about the music long after the audio has come to an end. The same effect could be said of the artwork for this recent EP project.

The music seems quite natural, clearly defined in terms of influences but also written and performed in a way that is true to the creative at hand. There’s a dash of all that is indie-rock as well as a hint of all that seeks to intrigue and appeal.